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Refrigerator Repairs Service Calls and Pricing

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No! It's safe being totally different to the gas used on your stove and is not flammable and the amount in refrigerators is not really harmful to humans, and is odourless, has no smell.

Depending on the repairs we find most of the work is completed in 30mins to 50mins.

Yes! We carry most functional parts stocked with us. Also, Over 99% of our Fridge Repair service calls are "First Call Fix".

Yes! All work must be paid for on completion. Strictly COD.

Most of the time nothing is for free, “It’s free with repair”. Meaning if you were to reject their quote if too high, they will still make you pay for their call out. It’s not a free service. Service costs money in the form of licensing, insurance, petrol, people labour, vehicles, telephones etc. We are in the business of providing honest, reliable and cost effective flat fee labour costs so you get the best.

Yes! We give senior card holders less 10% discount on parts & labour.

Trying to fix your Refrigerator or Freezer yourself - Don't do it!

The task of diagnosing and fixing a problem becomes harder if you attempt to fix the fridge or freezer yourself.  The same applies if you disassemble the unit to save on repair costs! If you think you’ll save the technician’s time and your money by doing this, you are mistaken. Do not attempt to repair the unit yourself – leave it to a fully trained technician to do this for you! 

Refrigerator and Freezer Door Rubber Seal

Yes, Most models have replaceable door seals. Some do not have replaceable door seals and from 2003 onward there are less that can be replaced. The seal is one piece with the outer and inner door panel. Meaning the whole door will have to be replaced.

Because the seals are made of a certain material embedded with a magnetic strip that must be laid flat, this is unpractical to store in our service vans, also because there is over 90 different door seals. We take orders. Seals are normally fitted within 1 to 7 working days depending on model.

The best indicator is your milk; it should be good till the expiry date and ice cream in the freezer should be firm. If your milk is going off quickly and ice cream in the freezer is soft, you might have to call service. Ideal temps are between (+0.5C to +4.5C) in the food compartment and between (-15C to –21C) in the freezer compartment, if you have a reliable thermometer.

 No!, Your Refrigerator is a complex machine comprising of electrical, mechanical and gas work unlike any other appliance in your home, they do need to be serviced by a licensed service person.

Maintance and Care of your Westinghouses and Kelvinators

If you have to transport the fridge you can lay it on its side. It's best if the hinges are at the top so the doors don't fall open. After moving, you should leave it stand upright at least an hour before plugging it in. This is because when horizontal, the oil in the compressor will seep into the refrigerant lines plugging them, Also by starting the unit when there is insufficient oil in the compressor will seize the motor/compressor and it won't ever start again. The idea is to give it time to let the oil settle back into the compressor harmlessly. However, the less time it's on its side the better.

Exterior cabinet cleaning should only be done with a car shampoo with normal p.H. or warm soap and a soft cloth and no sprays like (spray & wipe etc) as they may contain ammonia and tend to cause some rusting of the doors and cabinet. Outer cabinet and paintwork can also be polished & waxed to seal to surface yearly with car wax. Do not leave unit running for extended periods of time with doors open when cleaning, best to turn it off till finished.

Do not drill holes into the cabinet to install a padlock. The condenser coils welded inside the cabinet will likely be punctured. The refrigerant gas will then leak out and the unit will require major repairs.

Save money

Frequently clean the door gaskets and the mating refrigerator surface. Any sticky buildup will put added stress on the gasket material and lead to premature failure. Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or use some silicone spray on seals when clean every 12 months. This prevents the seals tearing and costing you replacement

Going On Holidays

If you’re planning to leave a refrigerator unplugged or turned off for a length of time, be sure to keep both doors ajar. Put something between the door gaskets and the front frame of the cabinet like a rag and use masking tape to hold the doors in place. Moist air trapped inside the fridge will produce mould and mildew that will be very difficult to clean out.

Do not leave your freezer unplugged for a lengthy time (years). The condenser coils welded inside some cabinets are made of steel, while running they are kept hot evaporating moisture. When not operational, they are exposed to the moisture and rust out. The refrigerant gas then leaks out and major repairs are required.

Reducing Wear and Tear

When storing items in the door, place the heaviest items closest to the hinge side. This will minimize the distance these items travel when the door is opened and closed, reducing stress on the door and inner door panel.

Defrosting with Care

To increase cooling efficiency and reduce power consumption on a manual-defrost fridge, defrost it often. However, DO NOT use a sharp object to break up the ice. The gas refrigerant travels through tubing moulded into the freezer box (evaporator), and is easily punctured. Major costly repairs will be required to fix it and if the fridge is not unplugged immediately, moisture will be drawn into the compressor. In this case it will certainly not be economical to repair.

Preventative Maintance every 6 to 12 months

On frost-free models with a condenser fan motor, clean the dust from the fan and condenser area periodically. Excessive build-up can lead to premature compressor failure and does result in higher energy consumption. Remove power plug from the wall.

For further Helpful tips for your Fridge or Freezer, click here to go visit to our Tips page.

Gas Leaks and Regassing

No! This is a major misconception. Refrigerators if they don’t leak the gas will last forever in the system. Refrigerators and Freezers only need to be regassed in the event of a leak or leaks (in component parts or copper/aluminium/bundy tubes used to carry the refrigerant gas).

No! It's safe being totally different to the gas used on your stove and is not flammable and the amount in refrigerators is not really harmful to humans, and is odourless, has no smell

Depending on the gas charge used (*R134A or R12 replacements) so please call us.

R12 Units prior to 1994 cannot be regassed with R12 as it’s illegal, but there are replacements. (Having said this, regassing is not a permanent Fix, but a patch job as the leak is still present in the system the gas will surely come out again anywhere from 2 days to a couple of months depending on size of leak).
The real solution is the leak should be found with leak detecting equipment and parts repaired or replaced. Pressure tested, then system cleaned prior to a fresh gas charged to ensure long trouble free operation. (Note: Some internal leaks cannot be repaired because the leaking pipes are sandwiched in between the one piece outer metal cabinet and the plastic interior laying in foam insulation and is inaccessible see below.

Chest Freezer assembly

  • Shows pipes being laid onto the internal surface of the Outer shell of a chest freezer before the insulation process.


  • Shows pipes being mounted onto the internal surface of the Inner Shell or liner of a chest freezer before being insulated. Theses two pieces are then inserted into each other, aligned and sealed into place. Insulation in a liquid form is poured through a breather hole on the bottom of cabinet and expands to fill every air hole and permanently covers most pipes and electrical’s.

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