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We stock the following Philips parts: Fan-motors; Thermostats; Evaporator-Heaters; Lamps; Defrost-Timers; Compressors; Light-Fan-Switches; Termination-Thermostats; Door Gaskets; P/C boards etc.

Experienced technicians will asses and rectify any faults wit your Philips fridge or freezer.

For a “First Call Fix” on your Philips appliance, we have a success rate of around 99%. On the infrequent occasion the fridge or freezer cannot be fixed on this first call-out, your Philips Refrigerator Repair Service Field Technician has the knowledge and expertise to help you make any decisions and will work with you to get a resolution in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Sometimes when you place your service call you will be asked to switch off the Philips refrigerator or freezer, however most likely we will ask you to keep it on and running until your Service Tech arrives for your service call.

Common Philips Fridge and Freezer Service Call Questions:

Q: How long does it take to book a service call?
A: A few minutes, especially if you can have the make and model number or even the manual handy.

Q: In general, how long can I expect the repair job to be?
A: That depends on what your Fridge Tech finds when he opens the appliance up - usually around 45 minutes for the entire repair.

Q: Do you give a Senior Citizen discount on your fridge repairs?
A: Senior Citizens get a break in the form of a 10% discount on the work - all parts and labour.

Q: Why do you charge for the service call and not have a “free call-out” like some companies?
A: Because we are not in the business of being “called out” - we work on the basis of being called, arriving, getting your fridge or freezer going in the shortest time and letting you get on with what you need to do.

Q: If I am not sure of the Model number when I call, what can I do?
A: If you are not sure, get a pen and paper and write down any identifiers you can find on your appliance. Usually there will be a plate with information such as the Serial number and Model number and other information on it on the fridge.

Q: I have other appliances I have plugged into the power point and they seem OK, but when I plug the fridge in, it blows the power. Is this an expensive thing to fix?
A: It sounds like it IS the fridge that is the culprit, and if the Model is a “Frost-Free” one, this is a fairly common issue. This is a repair that can be done with a service call, and at a reasonable cost.

Q: I have had a Philips fridge for a long time and it has been no problem. However I had it serviced recently and now something else is not working on it. What is it best to do?
A: Find the original service paperwork, note what is now not working and give us a call to go over it.

Q: I have noticed water on the floor in front of the fridge that looks like it has run out from the inside. Do I need to get a service call?
A: Yes you will need to book a service call and have your Model number to hand. It is likely that the Fridge Repair Service Technician will need to disassemble and service/flush the drainage system of your fridge.

Q: Is it worth repairing an older Philips fridge or freezer?
A: Most often it is. Call with your Model number and we should be able to help.

Q: Most often it is. Call with your Model number and we should be able to help.
A: As a rule, the operating ranges are: +0.5C to +4.5C for your fridge; -15C to –21C for the freezer. If you have a fridge thermometer and can check this, then you can verify if your appliance is working well enough to keep your food safe.

Q: Does my fridges/freezers need a re-gas?
A: The only time you need to get a re-gas for your or any other fridge/freezer would be if the appliance coolant system had been compromised - such as punctured with a sharp object. So no, generally a re-gas is not needed as part of a service call.

Q: My Philips is quite old - do you service all models from the range?
A: The following is the list of all serviced Simpson models: 65-404C, 65-407C, 65-408C, 67-40CD, 67-40CP, 67-40CR, 67-40CRDA, 67-40CRDW, 67-40CRPW, 67-40D, 69-40C, 69-40CRDA, 69-40CRDW, 69-40CRP, 69-40CRPW, 71-307P, 71-308, 71-347P, 71-348P, 71-357C, 71-358C, 71308P, 72-167S, 72-305P, 72-307P, 72-308P, 72-317C, 72-347P, 72-348P, 72-357C, 72-358C, 72-537C, 73-307P, 73-308P, 73-317C, 73-3217C, 73-347P, 73-348P, 73-357, 73-357C, 73-358C, 74-307C, 74-333P, 74-334P, 74-363C, 74-373P, 74-374P, 74-377C, 74-377T, 74-378C, 77-33P, 77-37C, 77-37CRDA, 77-37CRDW, 77-37PRPW, 77-37T, 79-133, 79-33, 79-33PRPW, 79-37CD, 79-37CRDA, 79-37CRDW, 79-37PRPW, 81-363C, 81-364C, 81-367C, 81-368C, 81-395F, 81-396F, 81-403C, 81-404C, 81-407C, 81-408C, 81-465F, 81-466F, 81-477C, 81-478C, 81363C, 82-277U, 82-312, 82-363C, 82-364C, 82-367C, 82-368C, 82-390F, 82-395F, 82-396F, 82-403CA, 82-404C, 82-407C, 82-408C, 82-461F, 82-465F, 82-466F, 82-477C, 82-478C, 83-277U, 83-297C, 83-327U, 83-363C, 83-363L, 83-364C, 83-367C, 83-368C, 83-395, 83-395F, 83-396F, 83-403CA, 83-404CA, 83-407C, 83-408C, 83-465F, 83-466F, 83-477C, 83-478C, 84-48C, 85-391F, 85-392F, 87-148CRDW, 87-29CRPW, 87-37CAP, 87-37CP, 87-37CRDA, 87-37CRDW, 87-37CRPW, 87-41, 87-41CD, 87-41CP, 87-41CRDA, 87-41CRDW, 87-41CRPW, 87-41F, 87-41FD, 87-41FRDA, 87-41FRDW, 87-48C, 87-48CRDA, 87-48CRDC, 87-48CRDG, 87-48CRDW, 87-48CROW, 87-48F, 87-48FRDA, 87-48FRDC, 87-48FRDG, 87-48FRDW, 8748FRDW, 89-29CRPW, 89-29CRW, 89-37CP, 89-37CRDA, 89-37CRDW, 89-37CRPW, 89-41C, 89-41CP, 89-41CRPW, 89-47CP, 91-307, 92-148S, 92-198F, 92-268, 92-268S, 92-307S, 92-308, 92-308S, 93-268S, 93-307, 93-3278, 94-304S, 94-317S, 94-318S, 97-31S, 97-31SLDA, 97-31SLDW, 99-31SLDA, 99-31SLDW, AFB008, ARB407PH, ARB463, C260TL, C290DM, CN356C, DL39FR, HN2128, RL285A, RL286A, RL3055, RL3059, RL305S, RL3065, RL325A, RL326A, RL365C, RL366C, RL4656C, RL465C, RL466C, RN255, RN255P, RN285, RN286, RN305P, RN3065, RN306P, RN325A, RN326A, RN345P, RN346P, RN357C, RN358C, RN365C, RN366C, RN367C, RN368C, RN391F, RN392F, RN403C, RN404C, RN405, RN406C, RN416F, RN461F, RN462F, RN475C, RN476C, TBC320DQ, TCB270DN, TCB270DQ, TF16, TFF24RRD

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Call now 02 9519 6556 available AFTER HOURS and WEEKENDS