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We stock the following Kelvinator parts: Fan-motors; Thermostats; Evaporator-Heaters; Lamps; Defrost-Timers; Compressors; Light-Fan-Switches; Termination-Thermostats; Door Gaskets; P/C boards etc.

Kelvinator fridge repairs for refrigerators and freezers

Kelvinator call-out technicians can resolve most problems in the first call-out. The remaining 1% of calls are given specialised attention to see that you experience the minimum inconvenience and down-time for the appliance.

Don’t forget when reporting a fault in your Kelvinator refrigerator or freezer to ask if you should leave it plugged in and running. You will be advised in the event that this is not the best option when you call.

Common Kelvinator Refrigerator and Freezer Service Call Questions:

Q: I work and I am time-pressed, what is the best way to book a service call for my Kelvinator?
 Call us with the model number and we will help work out a convenient time that works for us both.

Q: What is the average time a Call-Out takes to complete?
A: On average we will take 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the access to the appliance, and the complexity of the issue.

Q: I am a pensioner - do you have any discount rate I am eligible for?
A: Yes we do a 10% discount to assist you with your budget.

Q: Can you give me a “Free Quote”?
A: Most of the time nothing is for free, it’s “free with repair”. Meaning if you were to reject their quote if too high, they will still make you pay for their call out. It’s not a free service. Service costs money in the form of licensing, insurance, petrol, labour, vehicles, telephones etc. 

Q: Were is my model number on my Kelvinator refrigerator?.
A: Kelvinator refrigerators normally have a rating plate (a white & black sticker) usually in the food compartment interior right hand side, inside of freezer door, or on the front near the kick panel. For example: some model numbers C350AT, C380HC, C390P, C520H, FN300H, FN360C, NB380A, NB400D, N300D, N350T, N380FF, N400AST, N480P, N480S, N500AT, N500BD, N610EE, N630T, N640D, N640V etc
Please Note: If model number can’t be seen, we will need to view appliance to identify and measure to suit for door seals on site.

Q: Why are Kelvinator model numbers important?
A: So we know the correct parts to use, which can vary from model to model.

Q: My fridge has been repaired by someone else but it still is not right; what should I do? 
A: Call and talk to us and be open in what has occurred before. We find that being given the full history enables us to advise you in the best options available to you. 

Q: Why does my fridge leak water on the inside then run out onto the floor? 
A: Modern refrigerators have an internal drain system that can blocks and then overflow inside your fridge. On servicing, drain parts are cleaned, drain flushed and reassembled. 

Q: I have a very old Kelvinator; do you carry parts for these for it to be repaired?
A: Yes, we cater for all aged Kelvinator’s and normally have parts in stock.  Please call to confirm. 

Q: Plugging my freezer in results in the power going off. Is this a serious problem?
This is a problem which can occur and quite often we can repair it.

Q: How do I know if my fridge is running OK? 
A: The best indicator is your milk; it should be good till the expiry date and ice cream in the freezer should be firm. If your milk is going off quickly and ice cream in the freezer is soft, you might have to call service. Ideal temps are between (+0.5C to +4.5C) in the food compartment and between (-15C to –21C) in the freezer compartment, if you have a reliable thermometer.

Q: Does my Refrigerator ever need Regassing?
A: No. This is a major misconception. Unless their is a leak the gas in your fridge will last for the life of the unit. Refrigerators only need to be regassed in the event of a leak or leaks (in component parts or copper/aluminium/bundy tubes used to carry the refrigerant gas).

Form more information: Additional Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Call now 02 9519 6556 available AFTER HOURS and WEEKENDS