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We stock the following GE parts: Fan-motors; Thermostats; Evaporator-Heaters; Lamps; Defrost-Timers; Compressors; Light-Fan-Switches; Termination-Thermostats; Door Gaskets; P/C boards etc.

GE (General Electric) fridge repairs for refrigerators and freezers.

Over 99% of our Fridge Repair service calls are “First Call Fix”. For the other 1% we still have other solutions if needed. Your GE Refrigerator Repair Service Field Technician will advise you should this situation arise.

When requesting service on a GE refrigeration product (Refrigerators or Freezers), ask if the appliance should be left plugged in and running. In most cases it is required, however, sometimes this will cause further damage and should be avoided.

Common GE Refrigerator and Freezer Service Call Questions:

Q: How do I book a service call for my GE refrigerator/freezer?
A: Locate your model number (if you can) and call us after ascertaining that your location is within the Service Areas We Cover. If you cannot locate the model number and we can't guide you to locate it by phone , then we will sort it out when we arrive in response to your service call.

Q: Can you give me an estimate of how long my GE repair might take, so I can plan my schedule to be available?
A: Depending on the model and the repair needed, we find most of the fridge repair work is completed in 30mOnce we arrive we will be able to tell you fairly quickly how long we will take to effect your repair. As a general rule of thumb allow approximately 30-50 minutes from when we arrive.

Q: Do you provide a Senior Citizens discount or reduced rate?
A: Most certainly! We deduct 10% from both parts and labour overall cost for our Senior Citizen customers.

Q: Do you offer “Specials”, such as free service calls or free quotes?
A: No. We have found that most people want to be informed up front and realise that all services cost one way or the other. We do not offer something for “free” and then if the appliance was unable to be repaired, tell you you need to pay for the “service call' part of a “free quote”.

Q: My GE refrigerator or freezer is still not right after the service call - what should I do?
A: This usually occurs if there is some obscure or intermittent fault, making diagnosis difficult. Note down exactly what you observe (so you have something to refer to) and call us promptly. On the odd occasion this happens, we are very keen to know as soon as possible so we can sort it out with the minimum inconvenience to you.

Q: There seems to be a lot of emphasis on model numbers – why is this?
A: There are a huge array of models that any manufacturer has, and when this is multiplied by the number of parts, this is a large number to deal with. Additionally, with some models, those produced in the latter part of the same year may actually have different part numbers as the run was changed or modified part-way through the year.

Q: What GE Fridge Models do you service?
A: Whatever model, if it is a genuine GE we service it!

Q: When I plug the fridge in, the circuit breaker trips and the electricity goes off. Does this sound like a major problem?
A: The way the frost-free models work, this is the most common fault we attend to, especially with frost-free models. The key reason this usually occurs is because of a part that functions to remove ice from the evaporator. Generally this is not a very expensive repair as we carry parts for the GE models in stock, giving a quicker turnaround time than having to order them in.

Q: Why do I have water on the floor that seems to have run out from the fridge?
A: Quite often this problem is due to blockage of the internal drain system, which can cause the drain to overflow instead of draining correctly. This type of fault requires cleaning/flushing the drain system then reassembling the drain apparatus. The complexity of the service varies from appliance to appliance, but we should be able to give you an estimate when you call.

Q:My GE fridge is really old, is it still worth fixing?
A: The older fridges are often the most reliable, and we can often fix them.

Q: Is my fridge safe and operating at the correct temperature to store my food and freezer items safely?
A: A good way to tell if your food is being stored correctly is by checking milk in the fridge section., which should stay fresh and palatable until the expiry date on the item. You can also check your ice cream stored in the freezer which should always be firm, not soft or mushy. This would be a sign to investigate further. Soft icecream and milk going sour are danger signs so check your thermostat and adjust and monitor. Dependoing on the load in the fridge or freezer, your best temperatures are between +0.5C to +4.5C in the main fridge and between -15C to –21C in the freezer section. It can be unsafe to keep food that is not within these ranges.

Q: What is re-gassing of a fridge, do I need to do this?
A: No. This is a not something needed as a maintenance point. You would only need your fridge re-gassed in the event of a some type of puncture or piercing damage to the appliance coolant system.

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Call now 02 9519 6556 available AFTER HOURS and WEEKENDS