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We stock the following Electrolux parts: Fan-motors; Thermostats; Evaporator-Heaters; Lamps; Defrost-Timers; Compressors; Light-Fan-Switches; Termination-Thermostats; Door Gaskets; P/C boards etc.

We specialise in Electrolux fridge repairs be it a refrigerator or freezer.

Customers can be reassured that over 99% of our Fridge Repair service calls are resolved on the initial call-out. Occasionally, (about 1% of the time) a more complex issue needs to be addressed. In such cases, the Electrolux Field Technician will advise you of your options for a cost effective solution.

When you place your service call on your Electrolux fridge or freezer, you will be advised whether to leave it plugged in or not. Most of the time we will ask you to keep it plugged in and running - but on occasion may request that you do not do this, as it will depend on certain indications which tell us the type of problem you could be having.

Common Electrolux Fridge and Freezer Service Call Questions:

Q: How much time will I lose from work waiting for the service call?
A: Probably not as much as you would expect. Our servicemen know how inconvenient it is when the fridge breaks down so we will work to get a time that is convenient with the least amount of downtime for you.

Q: How long will it take once the Fridge Repair Technician starts to work on my fridge?
A: Mostly about 40 minutes.

Q: Do you have a discount rate for a senior on the pension?
A: Definitely! You will get 10% of both parts and labour.

Q: Do you do “Free Quotes”?
A: We have to cover the cost of our technician and find most people prefer to know up front that the service call will cost and also understand that no firm really gives “free anything” - it just means the cost is factored in somewhere else.

Q: What Electrolux fridges and freezers do you repair?
A: These are the Electrolux fridges we service: CS370J, CS430J, EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, EBE4300SB, EBE4300SB *01, EBE4300SC, EBE4300SD, EBE4307SD, EBE5100SA, EBE5100SB, EBE5100SB *01, EBE5100SC, EBE5100SD, EBE5100SE, EBE5107BA, EBE5107SD, EBM3800WA, EBM3800WB, EBM4300SA, EBM4300SB, EBM4300SC, EBM4300SD, EBM4300WA, EBM4300WB, EBM4307SA, EBM4307SC, EBM5100SA, EBM5100SB, EBM5100SC, EBM5100SD, EBM5100WA, EBM5100WB, EBM5107SA, EBM5107SC, EFM3000WA, EFM3000WB, EFM3001WA, EFM3001WC-X, EFM3001WE, EFM3007SA, EFM3600WA, EFM3600WB, EFM3607SC, EFM3607SD, EHE5107SB, EQE6007SA-NAU, ERM3700WA, ERM3700WB, ERM3701WA, ERM3701WC-X, ERM3701WE, ERM3707SA, ERM4300WA, ERM4300WB, ERM4307SC, ERM4307SD, ESE6077SA, ESE6077SA *06, ESE6077SC, ESE6077SG, ESE6078WA, ESE6078WA *05, ESE6078WA *06, ESE6078WA *4, ESE6107SA, ESE6107SA *03, ESE6107SG, ESE6108WA, ESE6108WA *03, ESE6977SG, ESE7007BF, ESE7007SG, ESM6470SA, ESM6470WA, ESM6477SA, ESM6600SA, ESM6600WA, ESM6607SA, ETE3900SA, ETE4200SB, ETE4200SB *01, ETE4200SC, ETE4400SA, ETE4407SD, ETE5200SA, ETE5200SB, ETE5200SB *01, ETE5200SC, ETE5207SD, ETM2800WA, ETM3000WA, ETM3300WA, ETM3600WA, ETM3600WB, ETM3900SA, ETM3900SB, ETM3900WA, ETM3900WB, ETM4200SB, ETM4200SC, ETM4200SD, ETM4200WB, ETM4400SA, ETM4400WA, ETM4407SA, ETM4407SC, ETM5200SA, ETM5200SB, ETM5200SC, ETM5200SD, ETM5200WA, ETM5200WB, ETM5207SA, ETM5207SC, FN300J, FN360J, N280J, N300J, N330J, N360J, N390J, N390SEJ, N390SJ, N420J, N420SEJ, N440J, N440SEJ, N440SJ, N520J, N520SEJ, N520SJ, NB380J, NB380SEJ, NB430J, NB430SEJ, NB430SJ, NB510J, NB510SEJ, NB510SJ, CS370JCS430J

Q: Why do I need my Electrolux fridge or freezer Model number when I book the service call?
A: Although this may seem like simply an identifier, to us it can indicate a lot, for instance that your appliance was built later in a year and so had innovations and features as an upgrade from earlier versions, and this is reflected in that Model Number you give us.

Q: My fridge keeps tripping the circuit-breaker. Is something most likely wrong with it?
A: If there are no problems with other appliances, chances are you need a service call for the fridge. This is a common fault with “Frost-Free” Models. Call us and we can help you with this.

Q: I have a situation where the Electrolux fridge/freezer I have is not quite right; what should I do?
A: If we repaired it, then it may be an obscure or intermittent fault, which can be frustrating. If this is the case, keep a pen and paper handy and note what you observe as this will help to get the matter sorted out. Please call us and let us know. If someone else repaired it, you can do the same type of thing, but definitely let them know and try to be as specific as possible on what is happening. Either way giving full and accurate information can be very helpful in getting it fixed.

Q: My fridge is leaking a little bit of water from inside onto the floor. Is this a serious problem?
A: My fridge is leaking a little bit of water from inside onto the floor. Is this a serious problem?

Q: I have an Electrolux I have had forever and it has been great, however now it has a problem. Is it worth getting it fixed?
A: Economics DEFINITELY come into it and we aim to give helpful information to make a decision on “repair or replace”. We DO find however, that some of the older models are very robust and sturdy and it may well be a better solution for both your pocket and the environment to repair your fridge or freezer.

Q: I have young children and I am concerned that the fridge is operating cold enough to keep their food and formula unspoiled. How can I check this?
A: If you buy milk within expiry date and it says in good condition until the expiry date, this can be a good indicator. However, if you want to be very sure, a fridge thermometer will tell you if your food is around +0.5C to +4.5C in the main fridge. You would want your freezer to be running around -15C to –21C as a guideline. Correct storage of food is vital so if unsure, or you suspect this is not the case, then a service call might be needed.

Q: Someone said the fridge might need re-gassing? What is this? Do I need it?
A: A re-gas involves replacing the appliance coolant system with new product. This is not something we do as a “service” The only time you would need to have this done to your fridge would be if there had been some type of leak of the refrigerant gas.


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Call now 02 9519 6556 available AFTER HOURS and WEEKENDS