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We stock the following Amana parts: Fan-motors; Thermostats; Evaporator-Heaters; Lamps; Defrost-Timers; Compressors; Light-Fan-Switches; Termination-Thermostats; Door Gaskets; P/C boards etc.

If you need your Amana fridge repaired, we will determine the problem and rapidly get your refrigerator or freezer operational.

When you place your Fridge Repair Service call to get your fridge repaired, we expect to have it resolved in the initial service call, as we have found that to be the case in analysing our many call-outs. However, there always is that tiny percentage of fridge repairs that need more investigation and handling. Our Amana Fridge Repair Serviceman will ensure that you as the customer understand what is occurring with the appliance and what sort of options you have.

Please ask us when you place your service call if your Amana fridge or freezer should be left turned on and running or switched off. On certain occasions we may ask you to switch off the appliance pending your repair Service Field Technician’s arrival.

Common Amana Fridge and Freezer Service Call Questions:

Q: Can I book a service call over the internet?
A: No. At this time we have found that most people use their fridge and rely on it 24/7. However, if it has broken down then the information you give us when you talk to us assists the Fridge Repair Service Technician in isolating what the problem might be and any replacement parts he might need to carry out the repair.

Q: What the time-span can I expect to have the Fridge Repair Technician working on my Amana?
A: They are very experienced and A to B so in general 45 minutes should have the problem handled.

Q: Can I get a Senior Citizen discount off the price of my fridge repair?
A: You can definitely get a break on this - 10% off all parts and labour.

Q: Can I get you to come out and give me a “Free Quote”
A: No we charge for each part of the service, so you know what you are up for from the start as there are costs involved in getting to the premises before we start to service your fridge or freezer.

Q: Which models do you service?
A: These are the Amana models we service: AS2628HEKB, BRF520T1W, G72727GEHW, SB520KW, SBDE5204S, SBDT520SW, SBDT520TW, SG521SBW, SGD521S, SRD522VW, SRDE528T, SSD522T, SXD520SW, SXD520W, SXD522VE, SXD524V, SXDT526J, TX518VE, XRBR206BW, XRBR904BW, XRSS287BB, XRSS287BW, XRSS2A7BB, XRSS465BB, XRSS665BB

Q: Why do you need the Amana Model number when book my service call?
A: There are often changes and updated parts in later models that the earlier ones do not have. Like most manufacturers Amana has its own protocols on Model numbers and will tend to update a model if they find a better part or component later in a run. Having the Model number gives the Fridge Repair Tech a head start on what might be wrong and can speed up repair times.

Q: When I plugged in the freezer, the power went off. How do I know whether this is a freezer/fridge problem or not?
A: If other appliances are not causing this type of problem when plugged into the same power point, then chances are it is a situation with the fridge - and can be an element that is used to eliminate ice from the evaporator. Find your Model number and give us a call, we should be able to assist.

Q: I had my fridge I own serviced but now the same fault is occurring again; what should I do?
A: Call up and explain what has happened so that we can help you get this resolved.

Q: I have found water on the floor in front of the fridge the last few mornings. I have mopped it up but it seems to be getting worse. Do I need a service call?
A: Yes you will need to get a service very soon. As the internal workings of each fridge vary, even model to model, the usual remedy for a problem such as this involves cleaning out and flushing the drainage system and then testing to see the system is now operational.

Q: Do you fix really old Amana fridges?
A: Yes - we most often can tell you accurately the pros and cons of repairing your older appliance and in fact can repair a huge number of the less up-to-date appliances.

Q: How can I tell if my Amana fridge or freezer is running at the correct temperature?
A: In general the guidelines are: +0.5C to +4.5C for your fridge; -15C to –21C for the freezer. From a food safety aspect, if you are concerned, give us a call to discuss what is occurring and make a service call as appropriate.

Q: My Amana is an older appliance. Would a re-gas improve the performance and prolong the life of it?
A: No. The only time we would do a “re-gas” would be if there had been a leak of some sort.


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Call now 02 9519 6556 available AFTER HOURS and WEEKENDS